What happens now??

So someone once told me that the 30's is the new 20's... Whatever that means... Annoys me I can't remember who - but I am pretty sure they were over 30...

tirsdag den 5. april 2011

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So - I already have an other blog, but that was my first one, and I don't feel it went in the right direction, so I decided that since that was mostly about my pre-30-panic, that this one would be my "post-30-blog", and more about what I fiddle with in my spare time, and my interests... So there will be a lot about cakes, jewellery-making, sewing, knitting and etc. ;)

I am fairly new to the world of blogging, and still have no idea where to locate the kind that would be to my liking, but then I am so lucky that I located Camilles blog/shop, and she often blog about other good blogs (I am starting to see how this is a whole other dimension - Blogworld).

And then the best thing of them all - I read about "give aways" - and gift-swapping - ohhh this is right up my ally - I love making boxes for my friends - tbh they get quite spoiled sometimes - but I just love finding small things I know they would love, and posting them of in a little box every now and then (I have several boxes standing around stuffed with things for different ppl, or just cute things I find, and save, cause some day someone might like them). So I need to be a part of this swapping thing.

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