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So someone once told me that the 30's is the new 20's... Whatever that means... Annoys me I can't remember who - but I am pretty sure they were over 30...

fredag den 15. april 2011

yay - package arrived!

Ok, first I will have to admit that I Ebay way too much... Prolly a good thing I don't have a home atm - there would be no money for Ebay'ing then :P

So the latest package arrived today.. and this one I have been looking forward to - my new cute pink retro swallows <3 They are supposed to be for the hallway.. if I ever get one :P they could also end up in the bedroom - I am sure I could make them fit in with the nautical theme.. I was gonna post a picture of the birds and some recent projects, but all of a sudden I cant find the camera, and the one in my phone suddenly doesn't work.. So, I just nicked the picture from Ebay:

Ohh - and trying to trace the source of the birds, I bumped into this place - I could spend a fortune there.. unfortunetly it's wholesale.. and I just want a few of each - not 100£ worth :P

But have a look / drool like me.. sooo many pretty things!


3 kommentarer:

  1. Liebe svaler? :) De er super fine!

  2. Jeg fandt dem her:


    De er også i sort, og den fineste blå.. men den blå opdagede jeg først da jeg havde bestilt de lyserøde.. ved ikke helt om jeg bedre kan lide dem :P

  3. De er fra det der sted - rjbstone.com - billigere end Liebe svalerne, men heller ikke ligeså fine :)

    Men jeg kan bedre retfærdiggøre 150kr incl fragt end 400kr overfor mig selv hihi