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torsdag den 7. juli 2011

Mini Hama

Right... it didnt feel right writing in danish, so back to english, and hoping that doesnt exclude any readers.

Yesterday I got the package with the mini hama beads, and all I wanted was to make small owls as earrings, to match the rest of my "spring-theme collection", before I go down to the shop and persuade them to sell my stuff... gotta follow the trends, so thought a few owls would be fitting.

I saw on LaraLils blog, how she had her lovely husband make her a star-plate for her to make the owls on.. but after 1 hour of trying to make one myself, I gave up.. I just don't have the patience hehe.. so since I had to use the normal plate, I started browsing the web for owls made on normal plates - they were all either way to big, or just looked wrong with mini-beads.. so in the end I came up with a pattern i think works - inspired by all the different things in the ohter patterns that i thought worked - please feel free to copy - if you like me, don't have the patience, or a lovely husband to help ;) I took a closeup of the best pair, so you can see how I did.. phew, it's tricky ironing the mini beads.. some of the owls ended up looking a bid odd due to over-heating.. I felt big and clumsy trying to iron the tiny owls without melting them onto the plate :P

I think they came out ok:

I am still considering if they would be better without the wings at all .- just straight sides - gonna make a few in medi hama beads as broches, as a test - I quite like my new pattern.

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