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søndag den 31. juli 2011

Home is where the heart is... or all your junk...

Thank God - I found a place to live in Copenhagen for the next 2 years, while I do my apprenticeship at the Ministry of Science.

It's a very tiny place, and it's gonna get cluttered with me and aaaaaall my junk - actually I am hardly bringing any personal items, or furniture - I bought the furniture that was in the apartment - they were all fairly new, and saves me from buying any and dragging them up to the 4'th floor - so I am only bringing a small amount of my stuff - (so far 16 moving boxes) and most of it is kitchen stuff- cause thats the fab part - the tiny apartment has a LOVELY kitchen - it's just to die for really.. makes me not mind only having a tiny living-space, as long as I can have a nice kitchen :P but the stuff that is cluttering up all the maaany boxes is not my personal items.. but all my crafting materials.. hi hi... I have to have all my crafting stuff! So I have boxes stuffed with fabrics, beads, felt, yarns, cake-decorating stuff etc... And I have no idea where to put it :P

Well - I am moving in sometime during August - not quite sure when, but hopefully soon, so I have some time to get situated before I start work on September 1'st :)

I will be posting many pictures of the apartment once I get there - and the shop should get up and running about the same time - everything is packed atm.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic summer - despite the lack of sun in Denmark this year ;)

I will be busy in my cardboard-box fortress and my mountains of clothing.. scattered all over the place ;)

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  1. Uh håber du er kommet bare nogenlunde på plads nu? Det er jo lige om lidt det er 1. september.

    Glæder mig til at høre mere!