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So someone once told me that the 30's is the new 20's... Whatever that means... Annoys me I can't remember who - but I am pretty sure they were over 30...

fredag den 1. juli 2011

Since last time...

So - it's been a while - but not much has been going on that is worth mentioning - I am still hunting for an apartment, this time in Copenhagen though - I finally got an apprenticeship, and I start in September ( in the Ministry of Science of all places.. very posh address there - only a stone throw away from the royals.. literally).

Otherwise I am still living among boxes and piles of clothes - might be one of the reasons I have had no social life for 2 years - while living here.. I would rather die (well that might be a bit dramatic.. but close anyway) than let anyone see me live in this mess.. but if I really put an effort into making this scenery work, and put my stuff away for good, it would no longer feel like the emergency momentarily solution that it is.. but like something more permanent - and then I might just die.. like the drama-queen I know is hiding deep down inside (well maybe not reeeally far down).

Right, well craft-wise I have actually done a bit.. well a little bit..

My cousin had her baby number 2, and since I last time knitted a baby blanket, I thought I would sow one this time - so very inspired by I made a patchwork blanket in brown, beige and purple colours, but instead of a cotton backside like Laralils, I made the back of super soft teddybear fabric.. soooo soft and lovely.

Ofcause I forgot to take a picture of it... was too busy stressing over the finishing touch (the night before I had to give it away), so I simply forgot - I took a picture of the elephant my mom made, and the owl I made for the big sister though:

and the baby was very cute indeed.. must get myself one of those aswell soonish ;)

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